Friday, November 21, 2008

Who's Gassing Them.....?

Beyonce that's who.  Beyonce is a very...very, very, successful entertainer and pop culture icon.  She's rich and she married rich. She's beautiful in many ways.  BUT YOU'RE NOT SO STOP LETTING HER GAS YOU HEFFERS!!!

It all started with Bills, Bills, Bills from Destiny's Child album titled The Writings on the Wall in where the real message of the song is if you use my car or etc, then you should pay for what you use but it was misinterpreted and you stanks thought it was about a dude taking care of you. Destiny's Child did nothing to clear up the confusion and saw that you can strike gold but gassing you dumb broads. Now I gotta say your name when I tell you I love you. I guess I love you isn't enough right.

Okay so now the girls grew up into Independent Woman and they're buying they're own rings and only calling our celly when they're feeling lonely and then they kick us out. Cool I like an independent woman that means I don't have to buy you drinks and when we go to the movies we can meet at the concession stand  (meaning you buy your own ticket) and when the check comes we split it down the middle, oh and you can pick up the tip You Go GUUUURLLL. But right after that, I got fat chicks dissing me because they think they sexy with all that muffin top and fat coming out they pumps looking like someone is baking a pound cake in they're Steve Madden's because they think they Bootylicious. NOOOOOO, Tamia is fine, Julia Hudson is a crime.

OOOHHH I like this, you taking off my shoes and my cuff links. You're feeding me and running bath water, singing to me while the game is on. and right before I go to bed you brush my hair and put my doo-rag on. Who knew you would fall for a Soldier and sleep in my T-Shirt every night because your Dangerously in Love, too (get it, in pt 2, forget it). But as soon as I get comfortable you tell me I must no know about you and I'm replaceable because you Upgraded Me and you got some nigga on the way as we speak but you was just telling me that your life would be purposeless without me and I inspire you to do better.

I think you're confused because you just told me to step and when I was really diggin' you, before I could Put A Ring On It you started feeling yourself and told me hurry up before my taxi leaves. Wait a mean through all of this, since you was 19 you've been making your own money and keeping a man (Jay-Z) while gassing these nasty girls to follow your lead. Then why are they Single Ladies and your a happily married woman. if you chicks take the time out to really listen you would hear her tell you I HAVE A MAN WHO HOLDS ME TIGHTER THAN MY (WHACK) DEREON JEANS.

Keep letting her gas you and stay independently single thinking about what you would do if you was a boy.

Jazmine Sullivan is starting some shit too because last Sunday night some Yamp (see Poetic Justice for definition) really did but the windows out my man car. So sad how these woman are easily influenced.


Chrissy said...

lmao.... Thats funny.. good shit babe!!

Anonymous said...

That's was such a low blow. But yet so true, we do tend to feed into what we hear and run with it, but hit below the belt with that one.funny tho.