Monday, November 24, 2008

She Still Got It...

See the blog from 11/ jus a short weekend I go have a luxurious weekend on Brickell Island, Miami and when I get back every girls away message and myspace update is full of quotes from BEYONCE'S song EGO. Now every girl talks like that cuz they can back it up. She's still gassing y'all right? 


Chrissy said...

Oh shut up!!

*God's Gift* said... dont like this song?

oh ok.

Anonymous said...

She do be gasin these chicks. So right. But hey I'm quick to tell my ex "if you like then should have put a ring on it"

Ski said...

Ok so im sooooo sick of her talking bout Jay on every song!! Geesh!! when ar thy both gng 2 stop refrng 2 each other in 3rd person!!. Do i sound llike i have HATE in my blood? Damn i'm just sick of it & every chick taking her songs & turning them into anthems!!! Yes i am a female too but they know they were not thinking 1/2 the thngs she is sayng last mnth!! Now Novito.. U know Nelley Girl u been knew i was a cocky mofo...So i been thought...Shit i luv MY OWN EGO!!
1 & Only
~Ski High~