Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Got A Story To Tell...Part Tres.

Who was the better storyteller NaS, Biggie or Jay-Z? This is not about who was the best storyteller ever....this beef is between Biggie, Jay-Z & NaS....for now.

And of course N A S are the letters that spell. NaS is really like just like the song says. "On rooftops tape CD covers to trees//line the barrel up with your weak picture then squeeze".  Nasty is at his best when he paints those pictures so vividly but the only difference between him and Poppa is that Esco's movies aren't shot in High Definition but it's High in Definition.

Nasir has too many stories to share so at the end of this I'll leave a list of suggestive songs you have to listen to or kill yourself. But let's start with "check Tanisha//fat ass real fly with the blonde ceaser//Vetachini summer gear, she push the two-seater//I heard she brag about the way he eat her//an Irish man short slim with a tan they say he laced her cheeba.......fat ass dissolving//like cotton candy in her mouth that's starving" (Shootouts-It Was Written-1996).  It's no mystery why you don't consider NaS one of the best storytellers because he does go over your head, but if you listen close you can dissect his stories more than any other rappers. Like cotton candy in her mouth that's starving, jeeezus.

"I walked in through the back door entrance//shocked it was unlocked, when I walked in I smelled incense//chased by a weed aroma, empty Guinness's//and lipstick marks on like three empty Coronas//A pair of blue jeans on the carpet, size 12 Timberland's something swinging on the ceiling fan" (Undying Love-I Am...-1999).  Can he be more descriptive? NaS doesn't miss a detail with this story but when does he. Under GOD we elope...we elope.

NaS really outshines the storytellers with his easily concept'ed but very difficult to construct "Rewind-Stillmatic-2001". He tells a story about how he got a voicemail from a friend who has the drop on someone they have beef with but the song ends with the beginning and starts with the ending. It sounds easy to do right? "She came back, her clothes fell to the rug//she fell to my bed and gave me a hug//I told her, "no hell", she talking 'bout "me kiss"//bobbed her head then spit the nut back in my dick".  He absolutely executes this song to perfection as he tells the story backwards in every way by even switching the words around. "Go he there". 

NaS we all know as the thug narrator ( "my man put me up for a share//one fourth of a square//headed for Delaware with one change of gear" ) and he may not paint an easy picture to understand but it's like abstract and once you look at it long enough you'll say to yourself, oohhhh...I got it. It's no coincidence on why I chose the picture I chose of NaS with him blazing his two let's see if you get the meaning behind that.

I'm a leave you with this verse from "Good Morning" (lyrics and song)...ENJOY

Good morning the same old jerks going' to work
Garbage men pick up dirt, the birds don't chirp
There's this nice Lady I know, she always speak
Wit her two children, headed to the school building
Then rush home again to lit housing
And they putting' up the new ceilings
Cuz her shits is leaking'
Water keep dripping' down, so she beefing'
Husband keep cheating', he been out all evening'
Good morning, police shifts the hood is on-in'
So they drive around all-day wit bench warrants
Eating donuts and sipping' on coffee
Ooops!, sudden stops spills on the walkie-talkie
Damn this nigga is a creep
Whispers to police at the wino in the middle of the street
Wit missing' front teeth twist blunts deep in the cut
It's my nigga so I holler it up, niggaz good morning

One love-Illmatic
The Set-Up-It Was Written
Suspect-It Was Written
Sekou Story-Streets Disciple
Remember The Times-Streets Disciple
U.B.R-Streets Disciple
Body in the Trunk-N.O.R.E


Chrissy said...

Ahhh Good Morning definitely 1 of my favorites!! and Rewind was and still is my shit!!
"Listen up gangstas and honeys with ya hair done
Pull up a chair hon' and put it in the air son
Dog, whatever they call you, god, just listen
I spit a story backwards, it starts at the ending"
HA HA he said dog whatever they call you god..
Nas Be on some other shit!! Lmao his shit is too complex for some of these so called Rap music Fans!

Anonymous said...

I never even peeped that dog whatever they call you god....god is dog backwards...thats crazy...yo this 3 part series is ill...keep doing ya thing