Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, The Truth.

My homie Kaa Citi has been telling me to start a blog for the longest so I decided to listen. This blog is not going to be full of poetry and similes and metaphors you won't understand, understand? You will not have to light candles or incense or play Jill Scott while you read. I promise to give you my honest and truthful opinion every time. I'm also a rapper sometimes but I only do it when I feel expressive like Sade.  Stay tuned and get ready to be informed from an insider who is outside.

1 comment:

Ski said...

Well Well... I have busted the CHERRY.... The first to comment on your blog!! Let's see wht your thoughts are & how u shall express it to te masses.. I know you gng to keep it 100 100....I left my mark...
~Ski High~