Monday, November 17, 2008

Lips That Touch Swine Shall Never Touch Mine.

If you like worms, harmful toxins and parasites keep eating those chitterlings. Oh my bad, I forgot, alot of people who eat pork don't eat chitterlings because of the way its prepared well news flash.....its all relative. Bacon, pork shoulder, pork chops, fat back, pig feet, pig knuckles, ribs, hog head cheese, etc, etc, etcetera.

Did you know that there have been cases of tapeworms (caused by pork) traveling to the brain and spreading diseases that have killed. Some people even developed brain seizures along with many other health problems. Pork is also the fattiest meat you can consume. If you like meat choose an alternative, Turkey is the best option. Pigs also do not have any sweat glands which means that they do not get rid of the harmful things a body takes in and when they do get rid of it (in all of our special way) they eat it right back up along with anything you throw at them and I know it's been said a million times but you are what you eat.

You will gain high cholesterol and DIE! Heart attacks and diabetes are at an all time high amongst blacks. Pork is the cheapest thing you can eat why you think when you order the alternative you gotta pay a lil extra, because you get what you pay for in any situation. IHOP, Waffle House and other franchises don't even sell alternative breakfast meats below the Mason Dixon Line (which seperates the north from the south in case you didn't know). As for you GOD fearing christians read Leviticus 11:7-8 and see what the good book says. Now I'm not vouching for beef either but I'd rather that over pork any day. Me myself I'm a Fish and Chicken dude....and a lil turkey.

Just watch what you eat because you are in fact just that. Below is one of my favorite Boondocks episodes in where Huey talks about pork and uses Soul Food to make his point it's hilarious, it starts at about the 50 second mark. Enjoy Bitches!


Chrissy said...

Okay.. you do have a lot of good points why eating pork is just plain NASTY and bad for you.. but due to you CONSTANTLY drilling that shit into my head i haven't eaten pork in almost 6 months.. Yay me!!! lol
Oh that boon bocks shit went great with the point your trying to get across!!

Good Life said...

Word.....No pork on my fork.....

*God's Gift* said...

smh @ this. you know imma say something bc i LOOOVE pork...and you know what? it's been my FAVORITE meat since i was a little girl and hasnt effected my health once sir.

i think all animals are nasty as all hell so you describing certain aspects about a pig, i'm sure i can tell you a million things about chickens and fish that are nasty as hell if i sat and googled.

you bring up the Bible as if, like Chris Rock has said, my diet will come into question at those pearly gates!

people who die "from eating pork" are usually unhealthy mahfuckas to begin with...the pork just takes them over the edge.