Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Got A Story To Tell...Part Uno.

Who was the better storyteller NaS, Biggie or Jay-Z?  This is not about who was the best storyteller ever....this beef is between Biggie, Jay-Z & NaS....for now.

N O T O R I O, U S you just lay down slow. Biggie Smalls was great at that, that clever wordplay that was so simple but great because you couldn't come up with those lyrics in a million years. He was also great at painting a picture and if you don't believe me just put on any record by him and close your eyes and try to see something different. "Who the fuck is this? paging me at 5:46 in the morning//crack of dawning now I'm yawning//whipe the cold out my eye//see who's this paging me and why? (The Notorious B.I.G -Warning-Ready To Die (1994). Now you relate to that, it's 5 in the morning someone is calling you and you say to yourself who the fuck is calling me and why and while your doing that your subconsciously wiping cold from your eye and yawning. Classic. That's descriptive Biggie. 
Then you got "Sky's The Limit" off the classic album "Life After Death" in where he tells the story of his rise to power in different stages of his life "start stacking, dabbled in crack, gun packin// nickname Medina, make the seniors tote my ninas//from Gym class, to Englass, pass off in Global//the only nigga wit a mobile//can't you see like Total".  He's  telling you about how he's moving throughout a normal day in school, how he passes the gun off in different classes and him being the only one in school with a cell phone then making you you see like Total.  And combining the words English and Class into Englass is just genius. Now I know this kid, I went to school with him he lives on my block and whether or not his name is Frank White or not it's believable on every level.

Now "Niggas Bleed" off of "Life After Death" talks about a drug deal turned robbery/homicide. "Today's agenda//got the suitcase up in the sentra//go to room 112, tell em Blanco sent ya//feel the strangest//if no money exchanges//I got these kids in Ranges//to leave them niggas brainless". Now instead of doing the wrongs things the right way he decides to call his man and rob the drug dealers even though he was under strict orders not too. Long story short it ends off where it begins "the funny thing about it through all the excitement//they Range got towed the double parked by a hydrant//stupid motherfuckers". That song could be like a climax in great movie. Unbelievable and unbelievable.

"I gets up quick, cocks my shit//stop the dogs from barking, then proceed to walking//it's a face that I seen before//my nigga Sing, we use to sling on the 16th floor//check it//I look deeper, I see blood up on his sneakers//and his fist gripped a chrome four fifth//so I dip, nigga, is you creeping or speaking?//he tells me C-Rock just got hit up at the beacon" (Somebody's Gotta Die-Life After Death-1997). Another possible scenario that comes at you in 3D form and makes it impossible to start this song without "watching the ending". Sing aint lie!, LOL.  

When it comes to "I Got a Story to Tell" off the same album it doesn't even matter if it happened or not or even of it could happen. "It came to me like a song I wrote//told the bitch give me a scarf, pillow case and rope//got dressed quick, tied the scarf around my face//roped the bitch up, gaged her mouth with the pillow case//played the cut nigga coming on some love potion shit//flashed the heat on him he stood emtionless//dropped the glass screaming don't blast here's the stash//a hundred cash please don't shoot my ass".  And what makes that story so ill is that after he raps it he actually tells the story in the opposite of rhyme form and the added commentry by his crew makes it even funnier ("I told that bitch was a grimey bitch, I use to fuck with her cousin but you didn't know that though") it's just like the song...it works both ways. Classic.

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Candice said...

biggie had his own way of flowing and connecting sameway jay did and tupac. They each gave you something different. Best storyteller I would say big than jay. Jay has that way of making you see yourself in the song. I feel he may have gotten that from big. Best rappers hands down is Jay