Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bush is a Drug Dealer....I Knew It.

Before we start let's be clear I have nothing against John Forte. George Dubya obviously shares that same thought because he has issued a pardon for his release from prison. John Forte was busted at the airport with $1.4 Million dollars of liquid coke in a briefcase and was sentenced to 14 years in prison but has maintained his innocence up to this day. Now Mumia was charged with the murder of a "pig" in Philly, PA back in '81. The evidence in this case is none if any and it's mind blowing that people get off with murder after being caught on tape. I don't want to get to deep but you should google it to find out more. Now I'm not saying keep Forte in jail, I liked him "Staying Alive" by the Refugee All-Stars but if you handing out pardons for guilty mofo's then let's ease up on a man who has been in jail almost 30 years and stills maintain his innocence. Free Mumia.

PS> John Forte is in the middle. Isn't the resemblance uncanny? 

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Anonymous said...

I was think same damn thing. Nothing against him but come on you release this man what about the other 1 million people you help send to jail everyday. You want to free someone free the our armed men and woman deading over your dumbness. I'm not going to go in to hard cause lord knows I can....peace Candice