Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneaker Head? Okay.

If you fast foward to about about minute marker 1:30 you will hear Pow Wow just out right disrespect The Jordan Brand, Myself and other real sneaker "heads" alike. He calls The Jordan 8's The "Bugs Bunny's"....Noooooooo Shad, The "Bug's Bunny's" are in fact The Jordan 7's a.k.a Hare Jordan (do you know what a Hare is Pow Wow). You may know them as The "Olympics" but they are the real "Bug's Bunny's" because the upper part of the sneaker was design inspired from Bug's Bunny's ears. Check out the picture and see the real "Bug's Bunny's". I'm tired of these rappers, actors and whoever getting fame and money and then turning into some kind of sneaker enthusiast just cause. I hate you, Bobbito hates you and DJ Clark Kent hates you. This was the only picture I could find in my library with the Hare's the one on the left.


ohsoposhchrissy said...

Only true sneaker heads know that the 7s are the REAL "Bugs Bunnys". Alotta ppl these days think that just because they get every pair of jordans that drop they are sneaker collecters... Google me Thatgrlchrissy!!

P.s. Look out for Poser Sneaker collectors!!!

*God's Gift* said...

i wanted to make a comment about this one...but i havent worn sneakers in years :-\

feel like women get a little too old for that. well, not too old...but i did start dressing up more so i lost the whole sneaker update.

that video is hilarious though