Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beyonce's Propaganda Works to Perfection.

I just got the Soundscan numbers for this week courtesy of my girl Akil and of course Beyonce came in at number one. Now I myself predicted 250,00 copies in the first week and if you're a subscriber then you would see 482,248. So guess what....I was right. How? you ask. Well let me explain the trickery and pull the wool from over your eyes. She knew she wouldn't do Weezy numbers the first week and the second week sales go down %40 so she decided to split an 11 song album into two discs, why? because Soundscan counts it as two CD's sold, so with that being said you have to split those numbers in half and what you will get is.....drum roll please.......241, I was right....But congrats on another number one album Mrs. Carter.

It's Over...Kaput...You're Done...Now It's Just Embarrassing.

Hey Trevor, you're 40 give it up. You keep trying to identify with the youth but your time has passed I'm sorry. Look at you, you're suffering from an identity crisis do you think that's how a man with an 18 year old son should dress. I mean you left Sylvia Rhone ran over to Dre had a big radio smash and got ya career crashed. Hand over the keys you cannot drive anymore. You should take all your old Busta energy that you've mysteriously found again and put it into some new artists. Maybe my homie "M-Dollar$" (we actually grew up together) wouldn't be dead right now if you put some of that energy into him. He wouldn't have been doing home invasions and dumb shit. Where's Rampage and all the Flipmode niggas dog?

I think it's Jay fault because he called you animated and then you went on this 4 year "I'm so tough campaign". Got Israel smoked, me and my niggas personally got into it with you in front of Hot97, you on the blow up getting all big and stupid looking cause your face says 40 but your wardrobe says 20. Now that you see your "I'm so tough campaign" got you as far as Papoose's one point LIE! you wanna be animated again and go back to what was working for you with your "Throw The Water On 'Em" and you just sound silly on "I Got Bass". How does this dude keep getting these lifelines. Seriously, E. Nicks (Head A&R at Universal Motown) loved my music....I guarantee you for half of what you gave Busta Rhymes for this "B.O.M.B" project I would sell double what he's going to. 'B.O.M.B" is the perfect name cause that's exactly what's going to happen in Sylvia's office when them numbers return 7 days after you're album drops. I use to dig you was the first rapper I spit was my first connection but now your disconnected, from your audience and yourself.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bush is a Drug Dealer....I Knew It.

Before we start let's be clear I have nothing against John Forte. George Dubya obviously shares that same thought because he has issued a pardon for his release from prison. John Forte was busted at the airport with $1.4 Million dollars of liquid coke in a briefcase and was sentenced to 14 years in prison but has maintained his innocence up to this day. Now Mumia was charged with the murder of a "pig" in Philly, PA back in '81. The evidence in this case is none if any and it's mind blowing that people get off with murder after being caught on tape. I don't want to get to deep but you should google it to find out more. Now I'm not saying keep Forte in jail, I liked him "Staying Alive" by the Refugee All-Stars but if you handing out pardons for guilty mofo's then let's ease up on a man who has been in jail almost 30 years and stills maintain his innocence. Free Mumia.

PS> John Forte is in the middle. Isn't the resemblance uncanny? 

Monday, November 24, 2008

She Still Got It...

See the blog from 11/ jus a short weekend I go have a luxurious weekend on Brickell Island, Miami and when I get back every girls away message and myspace update is full of quotes from BEYONCE'S song EGO. Now every girl talks like that cuz they can back it up. She's still gassing y'all right? 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Who's Gassing Them.....?

Beyonce that's who.  Beyonce is a very...very, very, successful entertainer and pop culture icon.  She's rich and she married rich. She's beautiful in many ways.  BUT YOU'RE NOT SO STOP LETTING HER GAS YOU HEFFERS!!!

It all started with Bills, Bills, Bills from Destiny's Child album titled The Writings on the Wall in where the real message of the song is if you use my car or etc, then you should pay for what you use but it was misinterpreted and you stanks thought it was about a dude taking care of you. Destiny's Child did nothing to clear up the confusion and saw that you can strike gold but gassing you dumb broads. Now I gotta say your name when I tell you I love you. I guess I love you isn't enough right.

Okay so now the girls grew up into Independent Woman and they're buying they're own rings and only calling our celly when they're feeling lonely and then they kick us out. Cool I like an independent woman that means I don't have to buy you drinks and when we go to the movies we can meet at the concession stand  (meaning you buy your own ticket) and when the check comes we split it down the middle, oh and you can pick up the tip You Go GUUUURLLL. But right after that, I got fat chicks dissing me because they think they sexy with all that muffin top and fat coming out they pumps looking like someone is baking a pound cake in they're Steve Madden's because they think they Bootylicious. NOOOOOO, Tamia is fine, Julia Hudson is a crime.

OOOHHH I like this, you taking off my shoes and my cuff links. You're feeding me and running bath water, singing to me while the game is on. and right before I go to bed you brush my hair and put my doo-rag on. Who knew you would fall for a Soldier and sleep in my T-Shirt every night because your Dangerously in Love, too (get it, in pt 2, forget it). But as soon as I get comfortable you tell me I must no know about you and I'm replaceable because you Upgraded Me and you got some nigga on the way as we speak but you was just telling me that your life would be purposeless without me and I inspire you to do better.

I think you're confused because you just told me to step and when I was really diggin' you, before I could Put A Ring On It you started feeling yourself and told me hurry up before my taxi leaves. Wait a mean through all of this, since you was 19 you've been making your own money and keeping a man (Jay-Z) while gassing these nasty girls to follow your lead. Then why are they Single Ladies and your a happily married woman. if you chicks take the time out to really listen you would hear her tell you I HAVE A MAN WHO HOLDS ME TIGHTER THAN MY (WHACK) DEREON JEANS.

Keep letting her gas you and stay independently single thinking about what you would do if you was a boy.

Jazmine Sullivan is starting some shit too because last Sunday night some Yamp (see Poetic Justice for definition) really did but the windows out my man car. So sad how these woman are easily influenced.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Got A Story To Tell...Part Tres.

Who was the better storyteller NaS, Biggie or Jay-Z? This is not about who was the best storyteller ever....this beef is between Biggie, Jay-Z & NaS....for now.

And of course N A S are the letters that spell. NaS is really like just like the song says. "On rooftops tape CD covers to trees//line the barrel up with your weak picture then squeeze".  Nasty is at his best when he paints those pictures so vividly but the only difference between him and Poppa is that Esco's movies aren't shot in High Definition but it's High in Definition.

Nasir has too many stories to share so at the end of this I'll leave a list of suggestive songs you have to listen to or kill yourself. But let's start with "check Tanisha//fat ass real fly with the blonde ceaser//Vetachini summer gear, she push the two-seater//I heard she brag about the way he eat her//an Irish man short slim with a tan they say he laced her cheeba.......fat ass dissolving//like cotton candy in her mouth that's starving" (Shootouts-It Was Written-1996).  It's no mystery why you don't consider NaS one of the best storytellers because he does go over your head, but if you listen close you can dissect his stories more than any other rappers. Like cotton candy in her mouth that's starving, jeeezus.

"I walked in through the back door entrance//shocked it was unlocked, when I walked in I smelled incense//chased by a weed aroma, empty Guinness's//and lipstick marks on like three empty Coronas//A pair of blue jeans on the carpet, size 12 Timberland's something swinging on the ceiling fan" (Undying Love-I Am...-1999).  Can he be more descriptive? NaS doesn't miss a detail with this story but when does he. Under GOD we elope...we elope.

NaS really outshines the storytellers with his easily concept'ed but very difficult to construct "Rewind-Stillmatic-2001". He tells a story about how he got a voicemail from a friend who has the drop on someone they have beef with but the song ends with the beginning and starts with the ending. It sounds easy to do right? "She came back, her clothes fell to the rug//she fell to my bed and gave me a hug//I told her, "no hell", she talking 'bout "me kiss"//bobbed her head then spit the nut back in my dick".  He absolutely executes this song to perfection as he tells the story backwards in every way by even switching the words around. "Go he there". 

NaS we all know as the thug narrator ( "my man put me up for a share//one fourth of a square//headed for Delaware with one change of gear" ) and he may not paint an easy picture to understand but it's like abstract and once you look at it long enough you'll say to yourself, oohhhh...I got it. It's no coincidence on why I chose the picture I chose of NaS with him blazing his two let's see if you get the meaning behind that.

I'm a leave you with this verse from "Good Morning" (lyrics and song)...ENJOY

Good morning the same old jerks going' to work
Garbage men pick up dirt, the birds don't chirp
There's this nice Lady I know, she always speak
Wit her two children, headed to the school building
Then rush home again to lit housing
And they putting' up the new ceilings
Cuz her shits is leaking'
Water keep dripping' down, so she beefing'
Husband keep cheating', he been out all evening'
Good morning, police shifts the hood is on-in'
So they drive around all-day wit bench warrants
Eating donuts and sipping' on coffee
Ooops!, sudden stops spills on the walkie-talkie
Damn this nigga is a creep
Whispers to police at the wino in the middle of the street
Wit missing' front teeth twist blunts deep in the cut
It's my nigga so I holler it up, niggaz good morning

One love-Illmatic
The Set-Up-It Was Written
Suspect-It Was Written
Sekou Story-Streets Disciple
Remember The Times-Streets Disciple
U.B.R-Streets Disciple
Body in the Trunk-N.O.R.E

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Got A Story To Tell...Part Dos.

who was the better storyteller NaS, Biggie or Jay-Z? This is not about who was the best storyteller ever....this beef is between Biggie, Jay-Z & NaS....for now.

J A Y (why) I flow sick? Jigga is known for his double meaning metaphors but he could also put a story together that reminds me of something out of Scorsese flick. "But my mind's like a flower in bloom//peep how my eyes just scour the room//I'm alert plus I paid the clerk//I got it laid out//you think you the first nigga I played out//in a two hotel town, come on now//I peeped ya Lexus as you//left the exit got some niggas on that side of the town money well invested" (Friend or Foe *98-In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997). That right there is so visual that they had to put that to screen on "Streets is Watching". This is how it plays out in your head before you're actually in the situation, you know like "yo son when we get over we gon do this we gon do that" but it never really happens that way, only in the movies, but great movies.

"Coming of Age (Da Sequel)" off the historical "Hard Knock Life, Vol. 2" was more like the Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo film "The Godfather II" because of it's sequel but prequel like song equipped with flashbacks. "Jumped out like a star with the flav'est car//matching the gator shirt//softer than my next door neighbors//these young niggas think I fell out the loop//cause the last time they seen me hoppin' out the coupe I hoped out in suit". Softer than my next door neighbors are you serious? This story is great for so many reasons and one being that all the actions that take place are just thoughts circulating in the mind of Jay-Z and his vocal co-star M.E.M.P.H.I.S Bleek in between their hello's to each other. Real and realistic.

Hov then tells his most descriptive story in "Meet the Parents" from "The Blueprint 2" in where he talks about a father abandoning his son and then later.....go listen if you never heard. "Mike was the hard head from around the way that she wanted all her life//shit she wanted all the hype//used to hold on tight when he willied on the bike//he was a willie all her life//he wasn't really the one to like//it was a dude named Shy who would really treat her right//he wanted to run to the country to escape the city life//but Isis, like this , Broadway life//she loved the Gucci sneakers, the red, green and white". We know this girl, she's the classic Black Girl Lost and we can relate to this story. I for one can relate because by my father abandoning me he did "kill" a part of me. When  fiction becomes non-fiction.

Mr. Carter can also view a situation and empathize then deliver their sorrows to the world through songs like "Minority Report" off the album "Kingdom Come". He puts vision in your head that we wish everyday would happen "And the Commander-In-Chief just flew by//did he stop? No, he had a couple seats just proved//Jet Blue he is not//jet blew by the spot//what if he ran out of jet fuel and just dropped?".  Even though S. Dot himself wasn't harmed physically by Hurricane Katrina he made us all feel their pain through his compelling lyrics. This is one of those movies like "Malcolm X" where when it's over you want to do something or do something about it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Got A Story To Tell...Part Uno.

Who was the better storyteller NaS, Biggie or Jay-Z?  This is not about who was the best storyteller ever....this beef is between Biggie, Jay-Z & NaS....for now.

N O T O R I O, U S you just lay down slow. Biggie Smalls was great at that, that clever wordplay that was so simple but great because you couldn't come up with those lyrics in a million years. He was also great at painting a picture and if you don't believe me just put on any record by him and close your eyes and try to see something different. "Who the fuck is this? paging me at 5:46 in the morning//crack of dawning now I'm yawning//whipe the cold out my eye//see who's this paging me and why? (The Notorious B.I.G -Warning-Ready To Die (1994). Now you relate to that, it's 5 in the morning someone is calling you and you say to yourself who the fuck is calling me and why and while your doing that your subconsciously wiping cold from your eye and yawning. Classic. That's descriptive Biggie. 
Then you got "Sky's The Limit" off the classic album "Life After Death" in where he tells the story of his rise to power in different stages of his life "start stacking, dabbled in crack, gun packin// nickname Medina, make the seniors tote my ninas//from Gym class, to Englass, pass off in Global//the only nigga wit a mobile//can't you see like Total".  He's  telling you about how he's moving throughout a normal day in school, how he passes the gun off in different classes and him being the only one in school with a cell phone then making you you see like Total.  And combining the words English and Class into Englass is just genius. Now I know this kid, I went to school with him he lives on my block and whether or not his name is Frank White or not it's believable on every level.

Now "Niggas Bleed" off of "Life After Death" talks about a drug deal turned robbery/homicide. "Today's agenda//got the suitcase up in the sentra//go to room 112, tell em Blanco sent ya//feel the strangest//if no money exchanges//I got these kids in Ranges//to leave them niggas brainless". Now instead of doing the wrongs things the right way he decides to call his man and rob the drug dealers even though he was under strict orders not too. Long story short it ends off where it begins "the funny thing about it through all the excitement//they Range got towed the double parked by a hydrant//stupid motherfuckers". That song could be like a climax in great movie. Unbelievable and unbelievable.

"I gets up quick, cocks my shit//stop the dogs from barking, then proceed to walking//it's a face that I seen before//my nigga Sing, we use to sling on the 16th floor//check it//I look deeper, I see blood up on his sneakers//and his fist gripped a chrome four fifth//so I dip, nigga, is you creeping or speaking?//he tells me C-Rock just got hit up at the beacon" (Somebody's Gotta Die-Life After Death-1997). Another possible scenario that comes at you in 3D form and makes it impossible to start this song without "watching the ending". Sing aint lie!, LOL.  

When it comes to "I Got a Story to Tell" off the same album it doesn't even matter if it happened or not or even of it could happen. "It came to me like a song I wrote//told the bitch give me a scarf, pillow case and rope//got dressed quick, tied the scarf around my face//roped the bitch up, gaged her mouth with the pillow case//played the cut nigga coming on some love potion shit//flashed the heat on him he stood emtionless//dropped the glass screaming don't blast here's the stash//a hundred cash please don't shoot my ass".  And what makes that story so ill is that after he raps it he actually tells the story in the opposite of rhyme form and the added commentry by his crew makes it even funnier ("I told that bitch was a grimey bitch, I use to fuck with her cousin but you didn't know that though") it's just like the works both ways. Classic.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lips That Touch Swine Shall Never Touch Mine.

If you like worms, harmful toxins and parasites keep eating those chitterlings. Oh my bad, I forgot, alot of people who eat pork don't eat chitterlings because of the way its prepared well news flash.....its all relative. Bacon, pork shoulder, pork chops, fat back, pig feet, pig knuckles, ribs, hog head cheese, etc, etc, etcetera.

Did you know that there have been cases of tapeworms (caused by pork) traveling to the brain and spreading diseases that have killed. Some people even developed brain seizures along with many other health problems. Pork is also the fattiest meat you can consume. If you like meat choose an alternative, Turkey is the best option. Pigs also do not have any sweat glands which means that they do not get rid of the harmful things a body takes in and when they do get rid of it (in all of our special way) they eat it right back up along with anything you throw at them and I know it's been said a million times but you are what you eat.

You will gain high cholesterol and DIE! Heart attacks and diabetes are at an all time high amongst blacks. Pork is the cheapest thing you can eat why you think when you order the alternative you gotta pay a lil extra, because you get what you pay for in any situation. IHOP, Waffle House and other franchises don't even sell alternative breakfast meats below the Mason Dixon Line (which seperates the north from the south in case you didn't know). As for you GOD fearing christians read Leviticus 11:7-8 and see what the good book says. Now I'm not vouching for beef either but I'd rather that over pork any day. Me myself I'm a Fish and Chicken dude....and a lil turkey.

Just watch what you eat because you are in fact just that. Below is one of my favorite Boondocks episodes in where Huey talks about pork and uses Soul Food to make his point it's hilarious, it starts at about the 50 second mark. Enjoy Bitches!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't Lie To The Babies.

Congratulations Barack Hussein Obama II but we all can't be president. As a parent I will not give my son false hope about anything especially about life. Do not I repeat DO NOT let me speak at any ones graduation on any level because I will tell them straight up...1 out of every 3 of y'all lil niccas will not graduate from High School and 1 out of the other 2 won't go to college. You all won't be doctors, lawyers, accountants, astronauts, entrepreneurs or PRESIDENTS. Tell them that they will ruin they're credit early, get or get someone pregnant, won't get approved for a scholarship and get mixed up in the wrong crowd ( which is the 1 who didn't graduate from high school and the other one who didn't go to college). My homie Good Life went to High School in Edison, N.J. via Manhattan Center and he can vouch for what I'm saying. I got a chance to visit his school and go with him to every class which was pretty regular and I found out they teach classes on how to buy a car, how to buy a house, understanding your credit, etc. and it blew my mind. Why aren't those things important in urban communities? we got enough liquor stores though. Luckily for me I didn't leave my education up to the Board of Education I went out and obtained information on my own and even though I was drinking at fifteen and having sex and all that I was one of the few kids who was smart enough to know that's not what life was about and music or movies won't influence me because I know it's just entertainment. Hopefully my son will know this and I will do everything in my power to inform him as honest but tactful as possible. My son name is Brooklyn and I am the Dream.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneaker Head? Okay.

If you fast foward to about about minute marker 1:30 you will hear Pow Wow just out right disrespect The Jordan Brand, Myself and other real sneaker "heads" alike. He calls The Jordan 8's The "Bugs Bunny's"....Noooooooo Shad, The "Bug's Bunny's" are in fact The Jordan 7's a.k.a Hare Jordan (do you know what a Hare is Pow Wow). You may know them as The "Olympics" but they are the real "Bug's Bunny's" because the upper part of the sneaker was design inspired from Bug's Bunny's ears. Check out the picture and see the real "Bug's Bunny's". I'm tired of these rappers, actors and whoever getting fame and money and then turning into some kind of sneaker enthusiast just cause. I hate you, Bobbito hates you and DJ Clark Kent hates you. This was the only picture I could find in my library with the Hare's the one on the left.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally, The Truth.

My homie Kaa Citi has been telling me to start a blog for the longest so I decided to listen. This blog is not going to be full of poetry and similes and metaphors you won't understand, understand? You will not have to light candles or incense or play Jill Scott while you read. I promise to give you my honest and truthful opinion every time. I'm also a rapper sometimes but I only do it when I feel expressive like Sade.  Stay tuned and get ready to be informed from an insider who is outside.