Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hope you (most likely shouldn't) believe in....

Now as an American who is descendant of African heritage (yes I am from Nigeria) I am as happy as the next black man about having half a black man in the White House but as an individual my beliefs and agenda will not be compromised and thrown away because they through us (blacks) a bone.

First of all to become president of the United States you have to be part of a secret society such as Skull & Bones, Free Masons, etc and you don't win the job you are picked for it. don't think for one second that the "President" runs the country and I'm not talking about checks and balances this world  and I mean world is ran on debts and challenges. Where there is power there is a white man....bottom line. I don't know where you've been but America is not in power anymore. America is no longer the older brother who can bully and push around the younger siblings, these other countries are all grown up now and not having it.

When anything losses it's power they give it to a black man to run. Cities, Senate seats, and States elect black officials when all hope is gone. The country's morale was so poor and the people was so fed up that they said we gotta pull the wool over their eyes, make them believe again and then we can continue with our hidden agenda. I mean they had to show "growth" and "change" or deal with revolution. Passport applications are at an all time high, relocation's out the country are up and people are starting to see America for what it is....full of shit and hypocritical.  

Barack Obama being elected took over the entire world and was a strategy put in place by the government to try and win the people back and not just the people of America but of the world. This thing is global now. Everybody got all happy and riled up and for what? as I type Panasonic cut 15,000 jobs, Time Warner cut 1,200 and Disney is down 32%. It's getting worse before it's gets better and all Barack is and will be is a Band-Aid on Cancer and if we want change we have to do it ourselves as individuals. So when all this Obama-mania is over be ready to revolt because you'll fell the same way you did 2 years ago. Peace.


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Im not with one my posting on KRS

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Good post...its interesting to see a different point of view