Monday, December 15, 2008

I Know What You're Up To Kanye...And I Like It.

This guy Mr. West is yes...A GENIUS. I was watching "Saturday Night Live" this past Saturday as I've been doing every Saturday for as long as I can remember with guest host Actor Hugh Lorie (House-Fox) and Kanyeezy was the guest performer.  After all the performances I've seen in all my years of watching this show Mr. West really changed the game and raised the bar with his set. Although his voice seemed to be a little under the weather (autotune wasn't available for comment) he show was still remarkable. 

His album "808's & Heartbreak" is very interesting album and probably will be appreciated long after it's time. My personal favorites are "Say You Will" and "See You in My Nightmare" featuring Lil' Wayne. I grooved to this entire album with the top down as I drove down the coast when I was in L.A last week and it couldn't have been a more perfect chance for me to evaluate his album and his position. By his position I mean his place in history and booooy will it be a nice place. His album is categorized as "R&B" and if he still plans on doing "Good Ass Job" before September 30Th of 2009 then he will be up for Grammy nominations in both the Rap and R&B categories in 2010. He may be the first artist to receive Best Album nods in two separate categories as a solo artist and two nods in the same category which would be Best Album (0verall). Kanye you have done it again and I hope you lose because it's the only way to keep you getting better and better. That might be mean but it's necessary not only for Hip-Hop but for Music (period) 



Simply Posh Girls said...

808s is definately a spectacular album!! That's an album I can listent to without skipping a track!! Great job Kanye!!

Nisha said...

It was one of SNL's best performances, its sad that most ppl won't "GET" the album until yrs down the line.